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TARA is a international brand of Star Alliance Group (HK) Limited. TARA is a high-tech company that specializes in the research, development, production, and sales of mobile communication terminal products (including smart phones、Smart POS 、 payment resolution and wearable devices,Smart Camera,Smart TV, Laptop and  IOT product ).  To supply high quality products and excellent using experience, TARA team, whichrelies on the rich experience in mobile communication industry, set up anew smartphone brand - TARA in April, 2010. Based on the research & developmentadvantages and supply chain resources, TARA team spare no effort to buildTARA as an well-knownd international brand in smart device and smart ecosystem.


TARA's Positioning: Just For Excellent Smart Life.

If the technology is to change the life, then TARA is tocreate high-quality intelligent life! Adhering to the people orientedprinciple, TARA focuses on technology innovation to create intelligenteco-system. We always believe that, quality products are completed fromconstant pursuit for the perfection, continuous control on details as well asstrong self-confidence in our Brand Charisma.

TARA's Concept: In user experienceoriented, mostly focus on Design, Quality and Service

Design is the soul of a brand, TARA always take boutiqueroute, pursues design innovation and strives for perfection. TARA chases forhigh quality products to the point of the insane and allows no defects inservice quality, and we know very well that, quality is our life and service isthe nutrient for us.

TARA's Strength: DiversifiedCooperation Mode, Strong Marketing Ability, Professional Technical Support,Strict Region Protection

TARA always adheres to the guidance of win-wincooperation, broke the single cooperation pattern of traditional distribution,and created various cooperation modes with partners all over the world. We haveoffices and service centers in multiple regions in the world, provide partnerswith the deep customer services by one to one and face to face; We not onlytake customer demands into comprehensive consideration at the stages of design,development and production, but also pay attention to each detail in theprocess of pre-sale, sale and after-sale, concern what customers may concern,and really put customers at the core of the brand. Besides, our professionaltechnical team is ready to provide prompt and efficient technical services toglobal partners at any time. We are well aware of the importance of regionalprotection, established and implemented a series of strict regional protectionpolicies to ensure the core interests of the regional partners.

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